Admissions Procedure


All lessons, with the exception of Mandarin, are conducted in English. For this reason children have to demonstrate, at an informal interview, that they can both speak and understand English. From Year 2, children need to be able to read and write English as well, at a level commensurate with their peers. Eligibility for admission to our school also depends on the immigration status of the child, as determined by the Immigration Department.

When a place becomes available in the appropriate year/group, an interview will be arranged for the child at the top of the waiting list. When coming to school for the interview, it is important that you bring the required documentation with you as no place can be offered until we have verified these documents.

A senior member of staff will conduct the interview with your child. This will be in a very informal setting. Wherever possible your child will be part of a group of children. Every effort is made to ensure your child feels relaxed and not “on trial”.

As part of the admissions process includes an interview with parents, it is a requirement that at least one parent is in attendance.

In ESF schools, all children in a year group are born in the same calendar year. As the academic year runs from August to June and therefore does not coincide with the calendar year, children with a birthday between August 1st and December 31st may be interviewed for a year group which is different from the country they have just left.

For the academic year August 2020 to June 2021 the age groups are as follows:

    • Year 1 – Children born in 2015
    • Year 2 – Children born in 2014
    • Year 3 – Children born in 2013
    • Year 4 – Children born in 2012
    • Year 5 – Children born in 2011
    • Year 6 – Children born in 2010

Please visit the ESF’s website regarding admissions policy.

Year 1 – Central Applications to ESF Primary Schools

For children eligible for the Year One intake, applications are processed at ESF Centre a year ahead of entry. This means that for children born in 2016 who are due to start in our school in August 2021, you may apply online through the ESF website between 1 September and 30 September 2020. Please check the ESF website at under the section “Central Application”.

Application for Admission

To be considered for admission into Kennedy School, you have to be residing in the catchment area. A student from overseas can only apply to the school of their zone for their expected area of residence in Hong Kong. Address proof is required once it becomes available.

There are very often lengthy waiting lists for places in our school. The waiting lists are organised according to a priority system which gives preference for children who cannot attend a local school. Within this system, names on the list are kept in order of the date which we received the completed application form. It is important that all questions on the form are answered as fully as possible to help us make a decision on the status of your child’s application.

If you wish to apply for admission to Kennedy School, please visit the ESF website to apply online by clicking HERE.

For all current year groups, we will accept application forms at any time of the year. Interviews will only be held when a vacancy arises.

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