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Welcome to Kennedy School PTA Ltd!

All families at Kennedy are members of our PTA and the school community. The PTA is an integral part of life at Kennedy School, and is committed to working in close partnership with parents and the school.

Our Objectives:

To promote close co-operation between parents and teachers for the general welfare of the pupils;
To provide opportunities for discussion on general education matters;
To provide or assist in providing educational aids, materials and extra-curricular activities;
To improve the educational environment for the benefit of pupils;
The organisation of non-profit making bus services to convey pupils within the School’s catchment area to and from school;
To receive donations and otherwise raise funds for the conduct of the Association and its work;
To carry out such other activities as the members of the Association may decide in furtherance of the Association’s charitable aim.

PTA Membership:

In accordance with the ESF Ordinance, it is compulsory for all parents to be members of the PTA of their child’s school. Fees are due at the start of the academic year. We hope that all of our parents will join us in working to support the school for the benefit of all our students.

Click here for the PTA Membership Form

About the Committee:

The PTA Committee is elected annually at our AGM. We look for committed parents who wish to take a lead in our activities. The PTA Committee is made up of:

12 parents; 3 teachers and the School Principal:

Click here to see the current committee

All Kennedy School students benefit from the PTA’s activities, and your participation is vital to the ongoing enhancement of your child’s education. We look forward to, and appreciate, your continued support. All contributions to the PTA are most welcome and parents can do this in different ways. Some give their time freely, others make monetary donations, some donate raffle prizes while others help out as and when they can. (When help is needed for specific events this will be noted in the weekly newsletter). All are very important and benefit the students of Kennedy School.

What do we do?

Some of the PTA activities with Kennedy School include:

School buses: the PTA runs a non-fund raising school bus service.  We endeavour to serve the school catchment area where viable.

Uniform: the PTA maintains a  uniform shop on the school premises which is open daily.

Communication: a regular newsletter is sent to all families by e-mail

Fund-raising: Throughout the school year a number of social events are held, with the joint aim of raising funds for the school and fostering a strong sense of school community, including the Halloween BBQ, Christmas Carol Evening, Raffle, Nature Trail, Art Exhibition and Auction…

Donations to school: our donations are targeted to provide items identified by the teaching staff which are not covered by the curriculum which they feel would be beneficial for the students.

Representation: on the School Council and the Committee of Parents

School Directory and Calendar: a complimentary copy of the student directory and school calendar is issued to all families


Personal Information Collection Statement: Please note that all information collected by the PTA is done so in accordance with the Personal Information Collection Statement.


Contact us:

PTA Office Manager:  Mrs. Elspeth Penny


Telephone: 2579-5699

Address: Kennedy School, 19 Sha Wan Drive, Pokfulam

Bus Information

The PTA runs a bus service for students serving the catchment area (where viable) of Kennedy School. This is a non-fund raising service run for the benefit of the bus users.

Buses are fitted with seat belts for the children’s safety, and have a Bus Mother who maintains an accurate register, and looks after the children on the bus.

Bus Routes and Fares


Please note that we cannot offer a door-to-door service for the buses but where possible, taking into consideration safety, efficiency and sufficient number of students, we will try to accommodate your request.

Click here for the School bus schedule 2017-18


Bus fees are payable in advance. The level of fees depends on whether a stop is termed ‘short route’ or ‘long route’. You can choose to pay by term, or for the whole year.

Click here to see the fees for 2017-18


Click here for the 2017-18 bus application form


All students traveling on the school buses (and their parents) should be aware of, and follow, the bus regulations. Please read them with your child.

Click here for the bus regulations


See ‘Inclement Weather Procedures’. This gives clear advice on what happens, and what to do, in the event of school closure whilst in session due to an upgrading of the typhoon signal. Advice is also given on the procedures in place for amber / red and black rainstorm warnings.

Kennedy School Uniform

2017-18 Girls Uniform Order Form

2017-18 Boys Uniform Order Form


Kennedy School has a smart and practical school uniform which all students are required to wear.

Non uniform items may not be worn, and any vests/t-shirts worn underneath uniform must not be visible.

Opening Hours for Sale of Uniform: 8:30am – 10:30am

If you cannot come to the uniform shop during the opening hours, just download the order form, and you can send in your order with your child.

  • Uniform can be exchanged for size only, if returned in original condition and packaging within 7 days of purchase
    One item cannot be exchanged for a different item
    No refunds are available
    Cash/cheque payment only [Cheques made payable to: Kennedy School PTA Ltd]



Short sleeved striped shirt
Grey shorts
White or grey socks
Black school shoes[not boots or trainers]
[Although long grey trousers are not part of the school uniform, they may be worn when the mid-day temperature is forecast to be less than 15°C]
School hat
Lightweight school grey cardigan


Sleeveless checked summer dress with white socks
Short sleeved striped blouse
Grey skirt with white or grey socks [in the winter grey tights may be worn]
Black school shoes [not boots or trainers]
School hat
Lightweight school grey cardigan

PE Kit Boys and Girls

Coloured polo shirt
[Dragons – yellow; Phoenix – red; Lions – blue; Unicorns – green]
Purple PE shorts
White short socks
Trainers [not slip on plimsolls]PE kit is worn to school instead of uniform on PE days.
School swimming costume/shorts
School swimming hat


Grey school sweatshirt
Grey school fleece jacket
Grey school trackpants [optional for winter – worn on top of PE shorts]

Other Essential Items – Boys and Girls

Art apron
Book bag
School bag


The PTA receives commission from ‘Stuck on You’ when you order. Order forms are available from the PTA. There are 900 children in the school, items get lost every day – increase the chance of getting it back by naming everything.

PTA Newsletter

Newsletters are sent by e-mail.

To receive a newsletter you must opt in on Gateway to receive e-mails with direct marketing components.

If you have not been receiving the newsletter and would like to, please log on to Gateway and select change request from the admin menu.

Please click below to read the PTA newsletter:


Thursday 18th     Thursday 11th



Thursday 14th     Thursday 7th



Thursday 30th     Thursday 23rd     Thursday 16th     Thursday 9th     Thursday 2nd



Thursday 19th     Thursday 12th



Thursday 28th     Thursday 14th



Thursday 31st     Friday 25th     Thursday 17th     Thursday 3rd

PTA Events At Kennedy

The events that we organise at Kennedy aim to raise funds to support the school, while at the same time building on our strong sense of community.

So far this year:

So far this year we have had:

Monthly – coffee mornings

August – Welcome to new parents

September – Quiz Night

October – Halloween BBQ



Coming soon:


December – Christmas Carol Evening

February – Ceilidh

March – Community Fair and Garage Sale

March – Art Exhibition and Auction

May – Comedy Night


Thank you to all of our parents and teachers for their support throughout this year with all of our events and fund raising activities.  We really couldn’t do it without you!