Performing Arts

Performance arts at Kennedy

“The arts are not mere diversions from the important business of education: they are essential resources”

At Kennedy we value Music because it is a powerful and unique form of communication that can change the way we feel, think and act.It brings together intellect and feeling and enables personnel expression, reflection and emotional development.This creative process is seen as a driving force in learning through inquiry.
At Kennedy, we evoke a creative response to music through singing, playing instruments,composition and movement providing musical activities that develop musical concepts and skills sequentially. We develop awareness of different cultures and traditions and encourage the enjoyment of live performance.

Co- curricular music plays a large and vital role in the school life: Junior Choir, Senior Choir, A Capella group, Orchestra, Chinese Music Ensemble, String Quartet and Clarinet Ensemble plus a large and vibrant peripatetic music programme running a wide variety of specialist instrumental teachers, including strings, woodwind, brass, classical and folk guitar, ukelele and piano.

All these activities provide valuable links to link with the community and reinforce that Music should be shared and seen as an exciting way of communicating and expressing feelings!