Useful Forms

Special Leave of Absence Request
In order to provide a good education to the students at Kennedy School we hope that parents would not withdraw their children from school during term time. Please note that a prolonged absence from school might result in the student being removed from the school roll and their place offered to another child. Please inform your child’s class teacher as well as of any planned absences for your child.

Absence of Parents from Hong Kong
If both parents plan to leave Hong Kong on a business trip or holiday during term time, they must inform the school and fill in an ‘Absence or Parents from Hong Kong’ form which includes information regarding guardianship and contacts. A domestic helper may not act as guardian. It is important for the school to know about parents’ absences as it helps the school in understanding and working with your child. Please complete the form below and return it to the school office:
Absence of Parents from Hong Kong

Student Withdrawal Notice
If your child is going to withdraw from the school, please complete and submit the Student Withdrawal Form via the ESF App at least one calendar month before the last attendance date.
To submit a withdrawal: Open the ESF app > click on VLE > click on “Forms: Student Leaving/Withdrawal Form
Please then email admissions at once the online form has been completed and submitted.
For details with regards to ESF policy on withdrawals please visit – Student Withdrawal

School Transfer
If you are planning to move to another ESF school area and would like to transfer your child to another ESF primary school, you are required to complete the ‘School Transfer Form’ and return it to the Admissions Officer of the transferring school along with your proof of address.
School Transfer Form

Medical Authorization Form
A completed Medical Authorization Form must be submitted to the school before any medication can be administered.
Medical Authorization Form

Change of Details
If you have changed any details or you notice any errors/out-of-date information on the Parent Gateway regarding your childs demographics, please login to Gateway, go to Student Demographics, then to the relevant area (Student Information, Family Information or Emergency Contact) and click the “submit change” link to submit an update request. The request will be verified by our office staff and the changes reflected in your account within 2 days.

All our systems and practices rely on the school holding correct information about you and your child(ren) so please keep your details up-to-date.