ICT @ Kennedy

At Kennedy School we understand the crucial role technology will play in the lives of our students, and we have a strong commitment to ensuring that our teaching will give them the skills they need to thrive as digital citizens. From Year 1 to Year 6 we design learning engagements using technology that extend the activities that happen in the classroom, ensuring they are meaningful, engaging and effective. We do not believe technology should be used simply to replace things that are already happening, but should be used in a way that allows children to extend their learning in ways that are not possible through other means.

This ranges from using Minecraft to build a virtual model of community space designed in the classroom, exploring conductivity and circuits by using fruit to control a computer, embedding their electronic learning in their own webpage and much more. All the student’s learning is embedded in their current Unit of Inquiry, allowing them to make connections and consolidate their learning through a transdisciplinary approach.

Whether it’s shooting and editing movies to raise awareness of an issue they care about, or building and programming their own robots, we ensure all students are taught a broad range of skills utilising cutting edge resources.

Our ICT provision is considered excellent in our last two inspections, with dedicated equipment in each class and one to one laptops from years 4 to 6. Offering children experience working with Chromebooks, iPads, MacBook Airs, Lego Mindstorm robots, Makey Makey and many other devices, we strive to help students become familiar with a wide range of technology.