Before & After School Supervision Policy

Before school: Please note the school gates will open at 8.10 am. Students will be supervised in school from this time onwards.

After school: Children should leave school promptly when the end of day bells ring (2:50 for bus users, 2:57 for other children) unless they are attending an after-school activity. No child should be left unsupervised after school on the playground.

Use of school toilets: Please note that school toilets are available for children, staff and outside agencies to use only.

Use of playground equipment: Playground equipment may not be used until lunchtime. It is not to be used before or after school. Adults and children waiting in the playground after school are not permitted to sit or stand on the sand and water trays.

Please note that there is a school nurse on site until 3.30pm. Outside agencies are responsible for the duty of care and administration of any first aid to their attendees after this time.